Hire Uplighting & Outdoor Lights

Illuminate your upcoming event with Uplighting Hire, including Tree Uplighting, Battery-powered, and Large Halogen Floodlights.

Elevate your event with Bristol Party Hire’s comprehensive Uplighting Hire services. We specialise in Tree Uplighting, Wireless uplighting, Building Uplighting, Marquee, and indoor uplighting. Our versatile options cater to weddings, festivals, parties, and corporate events, transforming spaces into enchanting realms.
For outdoor events like Woodland forest weddings or festival areas, our uplighting creates magical atmospheres, accentuating the beauty of the natural surroundings. Bristol Party Hire offers professional installation services, ensuring a hassle free experience. Our lights can dynamically change colours, fade, and create stunning effects, adding a visual spectacle to your event.

Bristol Party Hire’s Uplighting Hire extends beyond illuminating spaces; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Illuminate castles, corporate venues, or outdoor settings with vibrant colours tailored to your theme. Our wireless options provide flexibility, while the option of a professional installations guarantee a seamless setup. From soft hues for weddings to dynamic shades for festivals, our uplighting enhances the mood and aesthetics. Contact us to discuss your event’s unique lighting needs, ensuring your venue is aglow. Take a walk through one of our uplighting installations at  Something Different Festival. You can also check out our gallery to see our lights in action.